For those who missed it, rally driver Ott Tanak rolled his car into a lake earlier today. This prompted a panicked search as the car and it's crew couldn't be found for nearly 20 minutes. Tanak and co-driver Raigo Molder were okay, and Raigo even managed to save his pace notes, which he promptly began drying as soon as he got to the hotel.

After being stuck at the bottom of the lake for ten hours the car, since dubbed the TiTanak on Twitter, has been recovered and the FIA has given M-Sport the okay to try and fix it for competition tomorrow. M-Sport has three hours to undo the damage of the crash and the lengthy submersion if they are going to make it out tomorrow. Team boss Malcolm Wilson says it should be no problem getting it done in time.

The live feed of the repairs is here. Meanwhile here's Raigo emptying out his co-driver bag.