Factory VW-driver Andreas Mikkelsen and Alpine Skiing Olympic Champion Aksel Lund Svindal has a lot in common. Mikkelsen were once a talented skier himself, and Svindal is trying out racing this year. Both compete at high speed. They’re also sponsored by Redbull, so a video with both just had to be made!

The plot is simple. After a day up in the Norwegian mountains, they have to catch the ferry home. The only problem is that they’re still over 1000 meters above sea level, even if the ferry leaves in 10 minutes. Of course, they’re at one of the most spectacular roads in the country (the world?), surrounded by snow at the top part.

The rest is a spectacular combination of downhill skiing, rally driving and amazing nature, worth watching several times! Yes, like a certain Ken Block they used several takes on this. This seems a bit more understated than some of his films, and the real talent is more in the spotlight here. The driving is also done with a retired 2014 spec Polo WRC, so no risk of ruining the season for Mikkelsen who are rallying in Finland this weekend.