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WorldRX Goes Through Evolution, Not Revolution For 2015

The calendar for the 2015 FIA World Rallycross Championship was released yesterday, with little or no surprises. Which in turn isn't very surprising, given the success of this years championship.

Because with well over a 100 different entrants before the last round and thousands of spectators at each event, the organizers couldn't have hoped for a better start to a World Championship. And as you all know, you never change a winning team. But how would you still improve, and grow in the status of a World Championship? Expanding to new areas are always a possibility, and they've sort of done so.


The new season consists of 12 rounds, 11 of which also had a round this year. The new round will be In Barcelona, at Circuit de Catalunya. Which is a nice choice, given the rally and racing history in Spain. I doubt that we'll see Carlos Sainz in WorldRX, but there's plenty of drivers to chose from. You could criticize that it's just another event in Europe, and that an event in Australia, China or the Arabs would be a better expansion for a World Championship. Well, maybe for 2016.

What's also worth noticing is that some rounds have been shuffled around, with Mettet now being the second round, and the German round is right after Lydden Hill. Hell has been moved to August, and Italy and Turkey has changed spots. Barcelona slots in between Loheac and Turkey, and will replace Kouvola (Finland) this year. The season is longer than ever, starting in the end of April lasting all the way until the last weekend of November.


So, a safe evolution from the first season of WorldRX. Hopefully all the drivers return for the new season with improved machinery and that we'll see some new drivers as well. Anyone want to bet against a Fernando Alonso appearance in Spain? Any other hopes for the next season?

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