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One of the complaints I hear most often from aspiring rally fans is the all too common "there's no events near me!" While this is certainly true for some (sorry, Texas!) in many places there's a rally within a few hours drive that people simply don't know about. For example, all you Californians! Did you know your state has four rallies? (Non-Californians, that popcorn sound you now hear is hundreds of minds being blown).

To make things easier I've compiled every North American stage rally onto a single map. To find out when an event is just click it for the dates and championship info. While this is meant to be a "complete" schedule I'm sure I've missed a couple events, or listed an event as one day when it's really two. I will be sure to come back and add/correct events as need be. If there's an event near you that you've already missed, don't worry! Virtually all of these events are annual.


Click here for the full rally map

Awesome Metro 6R4 image made by our own Arch Duke Maxyenko


1. The pin for Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally was hidden under the pin for Wellsboro Winter rally. I added a little space between the two pins to make it a bit easier to tell there's two events there. But both are still based in Wellsboro, PA


2. The pin for Rally Defi in Montreal was misplaced. I've corrected the location.

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