You know how it goes, a late night in the garage, a few beers, and when someone suggests wiring the brake lights to the horn, you respond by upping the ante and suggesting reversing the steering so turning the wheel right makes the car go left. And at this hour everyone in the team is just drunk enough to think this is the best idea ever (and just sober enough to pull it off).

Of course that’s not actually the case here, but Hayden Paddon manages to drive this 40-year old Ford Escort so perfectly sideways you could almost believe he was, in fact, the victim of some late night crew shenanigans. This video is from the 2015 running of the International Rally Of Otago, an event Hayden was running as part of the historic class, but managed to win overall, setting the fastest times on 15 of the 16 stages and shaming the more powerful all-wheel-drive Subarus and Mitsubishis that he was running against. With pace like this it’s no wonder he just beat WRC Champion Sebastien Ogier in Argentina.

The boy can drive.