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Watch a Real Rally Driver Play DiRT Rally

What happens when you put a real rally driver behind the wheel of DiRT Rally, the most realistic rally game since the famed Richard Burns Rally? Magic, magic is what happens.

This is rally driver Will Orders, the 2011 Australian Junior Rally Champion and former pilot of a mad 400 horsepower Nissan Silvia rally car. With over 100 rallies under his belt and victories in both Australia and the United States it’s no surprise he’s able to just sit down and casually set such a mind-blowing pace in the game. I sat with him in an actual rally car back in 2013, and I now realize what felt like a mind-boggling run at the time was actually him taking it easy on me.


Here’s what a Will Orders at speed in a real rally car looks like:

I tried the game after Will, the first time I’ve ever played DiRT Rally, and never felt more incompetent in my life. My run was a string of rollovers, flat tires, and numerous reunions with trees. This is why I stay on the co-driver side in real rally cars.

Dat simulator setup doe. FY Racing knows how to build some wonderful toys.

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