I don’t have much to say about the terrible attacks in France other than it is deeply saddening and I hope justice and healing come to all those effected.

The French are strong people and have given the world some wonderfully odd and charming cars over the years. They’ve also proven themselves as formidable engineers and competitors. As a motorsports enthusiast, when I think of France, I think of 4 things; LeMans, Sebastian Loeb, Michele Mouton and the Renualt Alpine A110.

Loeb at the 2013 PPIHC will stand out in my mind as one of the most amazing motorsports memories I will ever have. It was a dream to witness his record run in person. It was also an amazing display of driving and engineering.

While there have been many amazing French rally cars, the Alpine A110 stands out for me as one of the most beautiful and iconic machines to ever race in anger. I only wish I had a time a machine to have watched Mouton compete in person.



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