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There have been quite a few rumours regarding Toyota and a return to WRC. They didn't help making them stop by building a Yaris "test car" that was suspiciously well engineered, up-to-date and fast. We now can be 99% sure that they will enter WRC full time in 2017 and maybe do a few test rounds in 2016 because Kevin Abbring and Eric Camilli have been signed by TMG.


Abbring is said to be immensely talented and was driving for Peugeot last year, but Toyota managed to lure him away. Camilli also enjoyed decent success in a Peugeot 208 and has been signed after good testing results. Both junior drivers will receive support from the factory in the form of financing for a WRC2 program (in a Ford Fiesta most likely) for the next two years while they will also develop the next-gen Yaris into a proper WRC weapon for the 2017 rule change. To me it seems like quite a smart and cost effective program, and Toyota still could get a big WRC name behind a Yaris wheel later on.

So there you have it, 2017 will at least have an epic Hyundai/VW/Toyota three way woks team battle, plus possibly Citroen and Ford.

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