The road along the rim of the Sete Cidades Volcano in the Azores is a gorgeous-yet-terrifying drive. The mostly dirt road is twisty, narrow (sometimes less than ten feet wide), often partially fogged over, and laden with jumps, banks, and abrupt roadside drops of as much as a thousand feet. To drive the road takes full concentration, to race it takes massive balls of carbotanium.

Below is coverage of the Sete Cidades stage of Rally Azores, better known as the annual spring gathering of the "Gargantuan Knick-Knacks Club." The perils of drops and car-destroying rocks are completely disregarded in favor of tenths, a mentality that results in multiple cars coming across the finish with damaged body work and a few drivers ending their day broken on the side of the road. God would I love to be calling notes on that stage.