The Swedish auto maker produced some of the coolest looking rally cars of its day. Many infamous drivers from Blomqvist to Carlsson won many races in a Saab branded machine. Saab ended is competitive run in 1980 when racing became too expensive and cars where becoming too far from stock.

Early Saab cars had 2-stroke motors that helped then place well in the women's class of the 1952 Monte Carlo rally. The next year Rolf Mellde won the Swedish Rally championship. In 1959, Erik Carlsson wins the Midnight Sun Rally on his way to many more rally victories and became part of the fastest couple on dirt. Almost 20 years later, Stig Blomqvist wins Rally Sweden in a turbocharged Saab 99, the first time a turbocharged car won a World Championship rally.

The very next year Saab then pulled out of all competition due the rising costs and the fact they could not produce something that would compete in the newly formed Group B. Group B cars would add little to the actual production line of Saab's cars so the rally division was scrapped. Trollspeed was started by a few of the competition engineers at Saab after the competition division was scrapped to keep Saab in motorsports.

Saab's are still being raced by enthusiasts and in historic rallys by some of the old legends today. Many are being restored, like this story from /Drive, to their former glory. Saab will always be an Oppo favourite, and will force you to think, what would a Saab Group B be like.