In celebration of the Wales Rally GB this week, lets look back at one of the most exciting WRC season finishes ever.

‚ÄúTo finish first, first you must finish‚ÄĚ, This old proverb seems to apply to rallying more than any other quote. In motorsports it‚Äôs not always the fastest who win. That‚Äôs perhaps why we love motorsports and rallying, it can be filled with drama. So many factors go into a championship, you need a combination of the right equipment, the right people and right circumstances to take full advantage.

Flashback to the 1998 RAC rally and Tommy Mäkinen is leading the WRC points with Carlos Sainz hot on his heels for the championship, any falter by the Ralliart team and Toyota Team Europe is ready to pounce. I’ll let the rest of this excellent recap video tell the story.