Video quality is poor and this is the best version I could find on Youtube. This video struck a cord with me when I was younger and further cemented my love of rallying.

The 2001 season of WRC in retrospect was one of the greatest seasons the sport has ever seen. A deep field of factory backed teams and and current (2001) stars and future stars of WRC packed the entries at each rally.

Between the top three finishers in the championship there was only a 3 point spread. While Colin McRae managed three overall wins and Tommi Mäkinen matched that with 3 overall wins of his own, Richard Burns was able to remain more consistent and with only one over all victory in New Zealand, Burns was able to win his only driver’s championship. Sadly as many of you are aware, neither Burns or McRae are with us today.

Lately it feels like it’s become so easy for one team or driver to dominate the WRC, so it’s fun to look back at something like the 2001 season of WRC, the epic Safari rally was still on the calendar and anything could happen during a rally, nothing was a guarantee.