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UPDATE: Rally West Virginia Canceled

UPDATE: The Rally West Virginia web site now confirms “The 2015 edition of Rally West Virginia has been cancelled due to sanctioning and logistical issues.” Dusty Ventures also received email confirming the cancellation.

There has been no official announcement, but Rally West Virginia has been crossed off the NASA Rally Sport schedule, and there is talk amongst competitors that the event has been canceled. This would be the second year in a row the event has been scheduled but not run. Last year it didn’t run due to organizer John Shirley’s “recent work promotion,” according to a Reddit post referring to the event web site that no longer mentions this. However, both the RWV web site and Facebook page still indicate that the event is alive and well, with no mention of cancellation.


This popular event is an unfortunate loss not just to NASA Rally Sport, but also to the NACAM Rally Championship. RWV was to become an international event in this series, with other events held in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and Jamaica. It’s not the World Rally Championship, but it would be exciting to see international rally return to the US. The NACAM Rally Championship also continues to list RWV on the schedule.

Anders Green, NASA Rally Sport East Director, had no additional comments on the status of Rally West Virginia. He did say:

I’m excited about the roads they picked and the schedule they put together since it was lots of long stages and pretty compact. I wasn’t ready to compete in it this year but either on a bike or a car next year, it should be fun.

The high quality of RWV’s roads is a large part of what has made this a popular event. It seems all is not lost, based on his optimism about entering next year.

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