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Rally Erechim: Brazil's chance to enter the WRC calendar

2014 FIFA World what? 2016 Summer Olympsomething?

No! This weekend we had the biggest stage Rally in Brazil. Erechim is a small city, located in southern Brazil, Rally Erechim proves again why rally is such a great thing. As rally goes, it has very little big media coverage. The big sports news have nothing in their minds besides the World Cup. But this didn't stop this event being the biggest ever.

I often read here how North American rally drivers try to make the sport known, try to spread the good word of our lord and saviour, the Rally. It's not different here in Brazil. Our few drivers also rely mostly on the small community to get the sport going, and they strive to make the events big.


2011, when one of our best rally drivers made it into the WRC, Paulo Nobre. His car, who was nicknamed by the other WRC drivers as the "green pig", featured a message on its door:

A small proof of how eager the community is to make this event more widely known.

This year the FIA was there, not only to check things out as usual, since it's an international Rally, but also to evaluate if we have the structure and whatever else it takes to host a rally on next year's WRC calendar. Well, if enthusiasm is required, I guarantee we have it. Even though the big media doesn't give a rat's ass about this.


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