Rally d' Italia Sardegnas (formally the Rally of Flowers) starts in just a couple of days and it promises to be a very entertaining race.

The isle of Sardeganas serves as the background for this historic rally with some new twists. The town of Cagliari is now the base of the rally and welcomes WRC to its streets. With two stages combined the Monte Lerno stage looks like it could be the longest of the WRC season. With temperatures in the 30's (that's 90's to you 'Muricans) this could put a huge strain on the cars and drivers.

A big thing you will see in the preview video is dust, its dustier than the Queen's undercarriage. The first pass on many of the stages will knock the sandy/dust layer off leaving the rutted, hard, base underneath. With the roads really only being a sideways hatchback wide this could lead to a few wrecks.

Now for the thing that brings people to rally from the common world, jumps. Rally Italia has one of the coolest jumps in rally known as "Micky's Jump". The road literally falls away from under the car as they land at the always packed spectator section.


Here is the preview video from WRC.com