Making progress... I think (?) I can make it to Sno*Drift.

I’ve had some setbacks. First, I may have damaged a wheel bearing when trying to replace the emergency brake cable. Easy, first just have to take the half shaft out...

Failed miserably. I stripped all six e-torx bolts and had to take the bolt heads off with a grinder. After at least ~ six hours, I have all of the old bolts out. Plus I was able to get the old bearing out thanks to this great tutorial:

I’m still waiting on a replacement. Pelican sent me the wrong part initially.

Besides that, I haven’t been able to get it to start since I got it back from TRF. My main thought is that I haven’t connected enough things back up. I’m trying to reconnect as little of the electronics as possible, and TRF described the wiring on this car as a nightmare.


I also need new rear springs, as both of them rusted and cracked. Not too worried about that. They may or may not end up as junkyard parts like my engine.

I have gotten some sweet seat mounts made, thanks to Logan Motorsports for welding them up. 1.5” x.120” cage tube tied to the floor and the sill bar of the cage.

I also acquired some lovely snow rally tires thanks to Team Illuminata Motorsports.


So, I’ve still got plenty to do but I’m hoping I can still make the rally. I’ll be making the go/no go call soon...