Competition in the FIA World Rallycross Championship heats up in front of the upcoming round this weekend. A lot of teams have spent the three weekend break testing, but Mattias Ekström didn’t want Petter Solberg in on the action.

At least not until he was done testing himself. This all happened at the famous Höljes circuit in Värmland, Sweden, a track which WorldRX will visit in three weeks. Other teams were allowed to test, but not Solberg. He had to wait for Ekström to finish, and ended up testing until midnight. It’s a good thing that it never quite gets dark in Scandinavia this part of the year. Solberg thinks it’s strange to play this game, as he always greets everyone welcome when he’s testing. “I don’t have anything to hide”, Petter says.

Last year Petter won in Germany, five thousands of a second in front of Mattias. This year they’re both fighting for the WorldRX title, but Solberg has edged in front of Ekström each round so far. That means the psychological game has begun, and Ekström has two of his strongest tracks coming up now. Both Germany and Sweden can be considered home turf for Ekström, who has competed in DTM for over a decade. He was dominant in Höljes last year, and two wins will get him a lot closer to Solberg, who currently leads.


Solberg admits that it will be hard to keep the title, and that he turned down the invite to race in the X-Games to focus on WorldRX. Andreas Bakkerud and Liam Doran entered X-Games with varied success, while Solberg has been busy working on his car. And doing PR-work, of course.

The WorldRX of Germany will be run this weekend, with live broadcast on Livestream from 2PM CET Sunday.