Thanks for the authorship, Dusty! I’m Santiago. I like RWD.

This is my rally project, the Ralle36. I picked it up a few months ago after seeing it on Jalopnik. The original plan was to take the motor out and use it for a LeMons project, but that idea got shot down by my teammates.

I went to Team O’Neil earlier this year and knew I had to make it a stage rally car. (Parts 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). It was such an awesome experience.


So far I’ve done Bilstein HDs all around, new front LCAs, new toe links, and fixed most of the engine issues it had when I got it (plus most of the cooling system from when my fan ate my radiator at an autocross). Thompson Racing Fabrication did my cage and it looks stunning.


I’m hoping to make it to Sno*Drift next year. I have a pretty long to-do list. Seat mounts, belts, skid plate, plus all the little things I need to do to get rally legal. If Sno*Drift doesn’t happen, I should definitely be able to make Magnum Opus.

Lastly, I set up a league on DiRT Rally called Oppo. Everyone is welcome to join!