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I Met My Hero

Like many of us, my interest in rally was established by the flamboyant “when in doubt, flat out” driving style of Colin McRae. I’ll never get to meet him, but I got as close to that as I could this past weekend at the Wicked Big Meet by meeting his 1998 WRC car.


It’s a bit surreal, seeing this car, then going on YouTube and being able to quickly dig up video of THIS EXACT CAR in action.

The “R 14 WRC” plate is the same.

This is where the magic happened.


I used to pretend I was driving this car when I drifted my ex-wife’s 1996 Impreza L across the frozen surface of Newfound Lake, NH, at BMW club events.


My driving can never match his, but I can dream, right?


I was thrilled just to be in the presence of this car.

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