Since any rallycross event is months away, we're looking at old youtube clips! This time it's how to stop a rallycross final, or at least the Martin Schanche way of doing it.

Schanche is, as you may know, the driver that has won the most rounds in rallycross history. During his 30 year career he won a total of 74 rounds in the European Championship, resulting in 5 championships. He was famous for his own solutions and he was the first to challenge the Audi Quattro in rallycross. More about that in a later post, because this time we're looking at an incident from 1992.

Rallycross now consisted of Group-B machinery, just a bit modified to be both more effective and less deadly. In this final we find Martin Schanche, Will Gollop, Thor Holm, Tommy Kristofferson (father of EuroRX driver Johan Kristofferson), Pat Doran (father of WorldRX driver Liam Doran) and Pekka Rantanen. Gollop (MG Metro) and Schanche (RS200) were the two big guns this year, with 1991 champion Schanche also leading this years championship before this race. Both of them on the front row in this final. The first corner was even more crucial back then, as there were no joker laps. Martin Schanche is first into the corner, but spins both due to his own mistake and some pushing by the other drivers. His reaction? Watch the video to find out:

Following this incident, Schanche was banned from rallycross for six months. That meant Will Gollop won his first and only European title, and Schanche could only prepare for the 1993 season, while giving current EuroRX driver Tommy Rustad a chance in the ERC.