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Hot Take: Nobody cares about your WRX rally car

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Are you Richard Burns? Are you David Higgins?

If you answered no to both these questions, then I have some bad news. Nobody cares about your Impreza rally car.


I get it, you want to be the a rally star. You looked at what was around and picked up a blob-shaped sedan (or wagon) with a center diff.


Why not be different? Look at this thing:

This could have been you! You could have been the only Merkur, having a blast going sideways, instead of the 15th Impreza. You can hear them, right? “Oh just another WRX” then “oh shit wtf is that thing with the two wings?!?!?!”

Deep down, do you need a Subaru? Does Pleadis speak to your soul? Get a BRZ


Suck and driving and can’t keep a RWD car on the road? Need the AWD traction to save you? You could be flying around in a bad ass DSM


But no, you’re going to stay in your GC GD mashup begging for used parts and sponsorship. Be different.

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