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Holy cow, WRC might get two legendary events back

We at The Rally Takeover love WRC. It's not the same championship as it was in the 80s, but it is pretty epic as of now. It's bound to get better: the Tour de Corse and North Portugal events will very likely make a comeback this year!

Why should you care? Well, take a look at the header picture. That's a mountain of people right there. It's been taken at the show event that was held for a few years now, and proved to be much more popular than the actual rally. For touristic reasons, Rally Portugal was held in the southern region, and while it wasn't a bad event per se, it didn't quite produce the fever-like excitement of the former Northern stages. Ideas of moving back north have been floating around for years, the official confirmation arrived just now though. And to top it off: the Fafe jump (Video at 0:49) will be tackled twice by the worlds best drivers.


And then there's the Tour de Corse. A tarmac classic of the championship. There are similarities between it and the Portugal Rally: it too was abandoned to promote another french region (Alsace), and now the move back to the former Italian island is in preparation. The local government of Alsace cut their subsidies for sporting events. Organizing and running the whole rally apparently costs 3 million Euros (that's about the same in dollars now). Tour de Corse however is a cool million cheaper, only leaving a 800.000€ gap that's yet to be financed. Nothing is official yet, but the likeliness is substantial.

If that doesn't get you excited, nothing will. Oh, and Friday is going to be the day Toyota announces their WRC program. Mark my words.

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