Well, the Global Rallycross Championship (GRC) didn’t exactly put it that way. It is the case though, since they share two of their eight race weekends with the World Rallycross Championship (WorldRX). Find out inside when and where this year the so far improving series will visit (without Ken Block) .

Like WorldRX, this years GRC will be a twelve round championship based in mostly one continent. Twelve rounds in eight race weekends require four double header events, which is busy for both fans and teams. Last year the Los Angeles double header turned the championship in the favor of eventual champion Scott Speed, and it will without doubt play a huge role this year as well. So far all rounds are based in the US, but with one location still not announced the series can still live up to their name.

Round 1 - May 21: Phoenix, AZ (I)
Round 2 - May 22: Phoenix, AZ (II)
Round 3 - June 4: Dallas, TX
Round 4 - June 18: Daytona Beach, FL (I)
Round 5 - June 19: Daytona Beach, FL (II)
Round 6 - July 2: The Base (I)
Round 7 - July 3: The Base (II)
Round 8 - July 30: Washington, DC
Round 9 - August 28: TBA
Round 10 - September 17: Seattle, WA
Round 11 - October 8: Los Angeles, CA (I)
Round 12 - October 9: Los Angeles, CA (II)

As far as I know, all tracks get purpose built for the event, with different degrees of permanent installments. I think it is safe to assume that “The Base” means the New River Military Base in North Carolina that they visited last year. The track there didn’t impress last year, but hopefully they can do something better this year. Last time they were in Seattle the track was up at the Dirtfish rally school, which was one of the best liked tracks in the history of the championship.


For the likes of Tanner Foust, Sverre Isachsen, Sebastian Eriksson and Joni Wiman which we’ve seen compete in different championships as well, this schedule means that competing for the title in more than one series is impossible. The double header at The Base crashes with arguably the most spectacular round of WorldRX, Höljes in Sweden. The popular round in Seattle will be at the same weekend as the WorldRX event at Circuit de Catalunya, a popular event where Tanner Foust competed last year. Other race weekends are often right after each other, so that doing both will be hard for the drivers and impossible with one team. The GRC schedule also clashes with a couple of rounds of Scandinavian RallyX, which Sebastian Eriksson won in 2014.


It looks like GRC is starting to find its format. While the schedule hasn’t improved drastically from last year, the locations have potential for good tracks. I probably won’t be able to go to any of the rounds this year (unless the TBA one is in Scandinavia!), but a lot of US residents will. For both those that are going to events, and those that has to do with a dodgy internet coverage: Let’s hope for good racing, and a decent field of drivers!