We control the horizontal. We control the vertical
We control the horizontal. We control the vertical

If there’s one rally stage fans know by name the world round it’s Ouninpohja and for good reason. This 21 mile stage is one of the fastest on the calendar and is filled with sixth gear 120 mph straights, high speed corners over blind crests, massive slides, massive crowds, and the massive 180-foot Yellow House Jump. Last year at the end of the stage Kris Meeke called it “the best 15 minutes, 42.5 seconds of my life.” This year he managed to run the stage in the exact same amount of time, and you can actually see him grinning during the run. Call me crazy, but I think this looks like a much more exciting ride than the ‘Ring.


As a co-driver one of the most interesting moments for me comes at 6:25 when Paul Nagle reads the note “stop talking,” a note used to ensure he stops reading and doesn’t distract Meeke from the difficult Left 2 up ahead. I’m sure many rally drivers have wished for a note like this at one point or another.

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