The third year of WorldRX will consist of twelve events, with a few changes from this year. The season lasts from April to November, and also includes the European Championship for Supercars, Touringcars and Super1600.

2016 will see one new venue, with Latvia being added to the calendar. With increasing presence in rallycross from drivers like Reinis Nitiss and Janis Baumanis, I’m sure the Latvian event will see more local fans than other events on the calendar.

Hockenheim is also returning for 2016, meaning that Italy and Turkey has been dropped from the schedule. It’s a shame for Gigi Galli to lose his home event now that he is fully commited to rallycross, but the atmosphere at the events is essential to keep this motorsport growing. I’m sure the guys in charge of the sport would like to see scenes like Höljes, Loheac, Barcelona and Hell at most events.


Also revealed today, Höljes, Sweden and WorldRX has penned a new three-year deal to keep arranging an event deep into the Swedish woods. it’s no surprise, since both the spectacular track and the huge festival crowds make this a special event for both drivers and spectators.

Now we just have to wait for all the other championships to announce their 2016 calendar, so that we can look at clashing events and start driver speculations and silly season seriously! And just to remind you, the last and deciding event of this year is in just about a month in Rosario, Argentina.