I've been ranting about the Jean Todt and his way to lead the FIA for quite some time. Weak is the best word to describe his efforts in F1, where he doesn't really make an impact and is unable to solve their financial problems. He also doesn't seem to have an answer to the constantly falling fan numbers. And yes, while he somewhat helped WEC by finally making peace with the equally french Le Mans organizers ACO, his biggest promise, to again make WRC the glorious mud-and-tarmac festival for real men, was ignored and/or not executed properly. I mean come on, even I had some substantial ideas.

But hold on, there's good news coming: after the successful debut of a 997 GT3 rally car in Germany, where it was setting solid stage times if we keep in mind that a) it was detuned to 300hp and b) Mr. Tuthill is no WRC regular/997 Rally regular, the next event will see a Porsche battle par excellence: Porsche factory LMP1 driver Romain Dumas in his own 997 GT3 Cup vs. Porsche expert and rally driver Francois Delcour in the Tuthill 997 GT3 Cup. Also, the FIA opened up the air restrictor a bit which brings the cars up to about 350hp.


Sounds exciting, doesn't it? It gets better. Noticing that the fans loved the concept, 2015 will be the first year of a international R-GT Cup, a cup that is recognized and organized by the FIA itself. The cars will be racing on five fascinating courses, including classics like Monte Carlo, Germany and Corsica.

So what's missing? Maybe a bit of diversity. I know that Lotus has an eligible car...


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