With two weeks until the next round of WorldRX, we have time for a proper review of round two from Hockenheim. With more Americans on the entry list I was hoping for more people to join us, but there’s always time for that later as well.

The rallycross track at Hockenheim was new for this occasion, and needed some modifications after the testing on Thursday. One of the tighter gravel sections was left out, but the track still seemed competetive, with a joker lap not much slower than the normal lap. The weekend started out with wet conditions, which Liam Doran benefitted from gaining an overnight lead. This was tricky for a lot of drivers, and several regulars saw themselves out of the semifinals before H3 and H4.

But on Saturday the dry conditions was back, and World Champion Petter Solberg set the fastest time in both heats that day. That also meant passing his teammate and earned the top qualifier spot for the third round in a row. Latvian Reinis Nitiss was second, and Doran third. Surprisingly Anton Marklund failed to score any points this weekend as well, and Manfredd Stohl also missed the semifinals. The debuting JRM Mini team with Dave Mirra and Danny Way couldn’t catch a spot either, but that was a bit more expected.


Solberg and Nitiss won each of their semifinals, but Doran fell back due to a mechanical issue leaving a semifinal spot for Andreas Bakkerud and Topi Heikkinen. Robin Larsson and Timmy Hansen both did everything right and kept Johan Kristoffersson and Tord Linnerud behind, despite being behind on several occassions. Tord Linnerud also managed to do the save of the weekend during H4, probably worthy a post in itself if I had the time..


In the final Petter Solberg got the best start, and could drive undisturbed to his first victory this season, and gaining the maximum 30 points in the process. Nitiss ended up second, and also scored a nice 26 points. Despite his bad start position and a desperate move by Robin Larsson, Timmy Hansen managed to hold on to third place and 13 points. Results of the final below:

  1. Petter Solberg, 04:37:837
  2. Reinis Nitiss, 04:40.377
  3. Timmy Hansen, 04:41.659
  4. Toomas Heikkinen, 04:44.562
  5. Robin Larsson, DNF
  6. Andreas Bakkerud, DNF


Which in turn means that Petter Solberg is the new championship leader (surprise!), with Johan Kristoffersson in second. Having been in both finals so far, Andreas Bakkerud and Timmy Hansen both has 37 points. Top 10 below:

  1. Petter Solberg, 57
  2. Johan Kristoffersson, 42
  3. Andreas Bakkerud, 37
  4. Timmy Hansen, 37
  5. Reinis Nitiss, 34
  6. Toomas Heikkinen, 29
  7. Davy Jeanney, 28
  8. Robin Larsson, 25
  9. PG Andersson, 23
  10. Liam Doran, 17


A lot of drivers scored a similar amount of points this weekend, meaning that the Fantasy game was quite even as well. WorldRallyBlog, Sliding-Sideways and AntMic all gathered 89 points despite picking different drivers. GiuRX came second with 99 points, while I was the only one to have all drivers score points this weekend. That gives me a round win, and GiuRX leads overall after two rounds with WorldRallyBlog on a close second. Things are tighter now than after the first round, and you can find all the scores here.

The next round is 15-17 May, meaning that the preview will be posted in about a week. This is also part of the European Rallycross Championship, and we’ll have 39 drivers to chose from! See you then!