Last weekends round in WorldRX and EuroRX proved to be one of the better, with a surprise winner and several of the regular finalists encountering problems. We also had a bunch of surprising results, rewarding the unconventional picks.

But first, the results: Davy Jeanney took his first ever win in FIA Rallycross, and did it dominating this weekend in his Peugeot. It’s also the first time a French driver wins in WorldRX. Team boss Kenneth Hansen said they had changed the setup on the car, and that seemingly helped Jeanney find his pace. Petter Solberg had a calm weekend staying away from trouble, but managed to get second both in the final and in the points. Fellow Peugeot-driver Timmy Hansen got third after a tough weekend. Both Johan Kristoffersson and Tord Linnerud got to the final this weekend, and scored vital points for VW Team Sweden. Last in the final was Andreas Bakkerud, who got a black flag for too much contact with Linnerud.

1. Davy Jeanney
2. Petter Solberg
3. Timmy Hansen
4. Johan Kristoffersson
5. Tord Linnerud
6. Andreas Bakkerud


EuroRX had their second event this year, and Marklund Motorsport driver Tommy Rustad was as dominant as Davy Jeanney. He even had the speed to qualify for the WorldRX finals, but was very happy to win in EuroRX. Current leader in EuroRX, Jerome Grosset-Janin, finished second, with Fabien Pailler in third.

1. Tommy Rustad
2. Jerome Grosset-Janin
3. Fabien Pailler
4. Jean-Baptiste Dubourg
5. Joni-Pekka Rajala
6. Jonathan Pailler

This means the WorldRX scoreboard is even more dominated by Petter Solberg, while it’s really tight between Rustad and Grosset-Janin in EuroRX.


1. Petter Solberg, 138
2. Johan Kristoffersson, 103
3. Andreas Bakkerud, 88
4. Timmy Hansen, 79
5. Reinis Nitiss, 77
= Davy Jeanney, 77
7. Topi Heikkinen, 63
8. Mattias Ekström, 61
9. PG Andersson, 50
10. Robin Larsson, 46

1. Jerome Grosset-Janin, 55
2. Tommy Rustad, 53
3. Ole Christian Veiby, 40
4. Jean-Baptiste Dubourg, 33
5. Joni-Pekka Rajala, 32
6. Fabien Pailler, 30
= Frode Holte, 30
8. Jonathan Pailler, 25
9. Francois Duval, 21
10. Ollie O’Donovan, 14

This weekend had two dominant drivers: Davy Jeanney and Tommy Rustad. Names not very familiar for those new to rallycross or Scandinavian racing. Both scored 30 points in WorldRX and EuroRX respectively, but none picked Jeanney, and only me and GiuRX picked Rustad. Since both of us also picked Grosset-Janin and Solberg, we had no trouble getting to the top two spots on the podium. AntMic also picked both Solberg and Grosset-Janin, and got third. Shows how you can use the EuroRX to gain extra points. Mattias Ekström and Topi Heikkinen having a dismal weekend didn’t help scores either..


G17 was late, posting after the first two heats had passed. This earned him a 2*-15 penalty, meaning his score was never going to be that good. Porsche9146 made some ballsy picks in his debut, but since Liam Doran missed scrutineering and Tamas Pal Kiss never showed up (!), he made a record low score of 29 points. Better luck next time! All the results are availible here.


The next event in WorldRX are in Höljes, Sweden the first weekend in June, which means the next preview will be posted in a week. See you then!