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Fantasy WorldRX 2018: FINAL RESULTS

It’s almost Christmas, and the stressful time-consuming thing called work is replaced with time off, good food, family and gifts. That means it’s also a fitting to reveal the winner of Fantasy WorldRX 2018!

This season was a tight one, but at the end the top position was between two participants. After scoring one point more at the last round, the winner managed to defeat last years champion GiuRX by 11 points.


Congrats to TurboThomi!

The winner may choose items worth up to 30£ from https://www.worldrxshop.com/. In order to recieve the prize, send me an E-mail at hsborresen[at]msn.com with your choice and address and I’ll order it for you.

I’d like to thank the rest of the participants for playing this year, and I hope you will join the fun next year as well!

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