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Fantasy WorldRX 2018: Expanding Further

It’s soon April, which means that the FIA World Rallycross Championship is about to start. There’s been a huge turnaround in the world of rallycross, so nothing is for certain this year.

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After three super-exciting years, 2017 was the year where everyone but Volkswagen and Johan Kristoffersson stagnated. We only had three different winners from two different teams, which put many teams into a dilemma before this season. Pour more resources into the team in order to close the gap (with the risk of wasting money), or go do something else (with the risk of not being prepared when the new regulations come). Thankfully, everyone but Ford and some privateers found out that WorldRX is the way to go, and we even have a couple of new additions! The permanent entries are the following:

PSRX Volkswagen Sweden - Volkswagen Polo R

Petter Solberg (NOR), Avg 49 events: 21.92
Johan Kristoffersson (SWE), Avg 41 events: 19.83


EKS Audi Sport - Audi S1

Mattias Ekström (SWE), Avg 37 events: 21.14
Andreas Bakkerud (NOR), Avg 49 events: 17.52 


Team Peugeot Total - Peugeot 208

Sebastien Loeb (FRA), Avg 24 events: 17.96
Timmy Hansen (SWE), Avg 49 events: 18.00
Kevin Hansen (SWE), Avg 18 events: 9.88 


GRX Taneco Team - Hyundai i20

Niclas Grönholm (FIN), Avg 24 events: 3.48
Timur Timerzyanov (RUS), Avg 49 events: 9.58 


OlsbergsMSE - Ford Fiesta

Kevin Eriksson (SWE), Avg 24 events: 8.96
Robin Larsson (SWE), Avg 32 events: 10.44


GC Kompetition - Renault Megane RS

Guerlain Chicherit (FRA), Avg 11 events: 0.09
Jerome Grosset-Janin (FRA), Avg 7 events: 4.29 


Sebastien Loeb Racing - Peugeot 208

Gregoire Demoustier (BEL), Avg 7 events: 0.00

Team Stard - Ford Fiesta

Janis Baumanis (LVA), Avg 27 events: 8.27

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In addition to the permanent entries, wildcard entries from Team Stard, Team MJP, Comtoyou Racing (with old EKSRX Audis) are expected. As in previous years, EuroRX will be part of the Fantasy WorldRX competition. Anton Marklund will here try to defend his title, with Thomas Bryntesson and Reinis Nitiss looking like the biggest challengers. The new G-Fors Renault team with J-B Dubourg and Jere Kalliokoski are also expected to be strong. The other entrants consists of less known drivers, several of them coming up from Touringcar.


New this year is the addition of Americas Rallycross (ARX), where the old GRC teams VW Andretti, Subaru and OlsbergsMSE Honda are expected to join. This series will run together with WorldRX in 3 out of 4 events, and will here function as EuroRX. That means that there are more points to fight for than ever!

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The championship were incredibly close last year, which is why I won’t change the rules, that means:

  • For each round you pick six drivers, ranked in the order you expect them to score points. You may only pick one driver from each team. In the events with EuroRX or ARX running together with WorldRX, you may mix drivers from both entry lists in order to score the most points. Only drivers competing in the Supercar class is eligible for fantasy competetition.
  • You are awarded the combined score of points of all you picks, and if they scored in the order you picked you recieve an additional 10 points.
  • There will be a Fantasy Preview post put up on The Rally Takeover at 1 PM Eastern (7PM CEST). These preview posts will include a description of the event, the entry list and basic stats on each driver. Comment on the post or send me a tweet (@Hoccy) in order to make you picks.
  • The deadline for the picks is the start of Q1, but you can get picks in late. You will then be penalized 15 points for each qualifying session started before your picks.
  • Once you’ve posted your picks you cannot change them unless the driver in question has an incident after you’ve made you picks but before the start of Free Practice. When making your alterations you must state the reason for the change.
  • At the end of the season your four worst scores will be dropped. That means a bad event at the start of the season won’t ruin everything, as it may not count in the end.
  • The season standings will be maintained in this Google Spreadsheet. I’ll try to update the standings as soon after the event as possible.

The last couple of years I’ve given away an item free to pick from the official FIA World Rallycross fanstore, but as in the past I may stumble across something cool when I attend an event, I may also be able to offer something more unique.

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2018 World Rallycross Championship Calendar:

14-15 April - Circuit de Catalunya, Spain*
28-29 April - Montalegre, Portugal
12-13 May - Mettet, Belgium*
25-26 May - Silverstone, Great Britain**
9-10 June - Hell, Norway
30-1 July - Höljes, Sweden*
4-5 August - GP3R, Canada**
1-2 September - Loheac, France*
15-16 September - Bikernieki, Latvia*
29-30 September - COTA, USA**
13-14 October - Estering, Germany
24-25 November - Killarney, South Africa



With all that said, feel free to post questions in the comments section. The first preview post will be up on Monday April 9th, see you then!

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