Another year of the FIA World Rallycross Championship is about to start, and why not use that as an opportunity to have some fun?

Last year we had the first edition of this competition, and while we were fewer entrants than Fantasy WRC I think it was enjoyable for all parts. This year more competitors are rumored to look at Fantasy WorldRX as their main opportunity, and those from last year must step it up a notch to get the same results. And since we can’t pick Sebastien Loeb or Petter Solberg in Fantasy WRC anymore, you get the chance here! You also get the chance to pick several drivers you’ve never heard of that has funny names. That has to add something, right?

It’s as simple as this:

- For each of the 12 events you pick six drivers from the entry list for that particular event.


- Pick the drivers you think will score the most points during that weekend, the the sum of points scored by your drivers is your score.

- If your drivers score points (high to low) in the same order as you picked them, you get 10 bonus points.


- You can only pick one driver from each team. Drivers will be listed by teams.

- At events where EuroRX is present, you can pick from EuroRX drivers as well. The total amount of picked drivers is still six, but you may mix them around the WorldRX drivers as you like.


- At the end of the season, the four lowest scoring rounds of each competitor is deducted, so missing one or two rounds don’t decide everything.

- Event previews will be posted 1PM Kinja time Wednesdays before the race weekend. You can post your entry until the semifinals start, but any predictions made after H1 will be penalized -15 points per heat.


Will there be prizes? Since diecast rallycross cars isn’t a thing (yet), we will have to do with anything I can find when I visit Höljes in July as well as a RTO sticker. In case I don’t find anything or foolishly manage to break it on my way home, the winner can pick one item on