Don’t mix.

Here’s our video of SS9 at STPR. We caught the #951 944 in the Escuderia Boricua Ralle36 a few miles before the finish. I was driving pretty blind at the finish trying to close the gap.

Past the finish line, the note was “small crest keep left” since there was a ditch past the crest on the right. At the left edge of the road was a stump that would normally be easy to avoid...

Photo by author

I saw it at the last second and swung right. The left side of the car got totally scraped. The most amazing part was that a piece of bark got lodged between the tire and the lip of the rim.


Photo by author

Oops. Somehow, we didn’t get a flat. We ran another 40 stage miles on it and only lost a few pounds of pressure.

Braid wheels FTW!