Photo credit: Hyundai Motorsport

Hyundai is currently doing the final pre-homologation tests on their brand new R5-spec car, a 180,000€ all-terrain rocket ship designed to be 90% as fast as a full WRC car at 40% of the price. Now they just need a livery, and they’re turning to the fans for help.

Personally I like the R5 “camo” of the test car, but apparently Hyundai Motorsport is looking for something a bit different, and they’re willing to give a co-drive in the car to whoever can come up with the best look for the new machine. The design requirements are pretty simple, allowing for a wide range of creativity:

• The Hyundai and R5 logos must appear on the car at least once.
• Pillar C (shown in black on side of the car) should remain clear of design elements.
• Entries must be submitted in exported .jpg, .png or .pdf format.
• The winner will be required to submit their designs in open files to us so we can incorporate their design on the new R5 car!
• Hyundai Motorsport reserves the right to make adjustments to the final winning design.

Hyundai doesn’t say where or when the co-drive would be, so feel free to fantasize about which rally you’d most love to be riding shotgun at. Full vector files (which must be used for official submissions) can be downloaded here, and complete contest rules are here. Submission deadline is May 10, so if you think you can create a killer livery, you should fire up your bootlegged copy of Photoshop pronto!