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Ask Rally America 2WD Champion Chris Duplessis Anything You Want

Chris Duplessis is that one goofball friend you're always glad to have around. Perpetually smiling (even when his rental cabin catches fire at a rally) and always ready with a joke or story that will surely leave you laughing like a madman. Stick him in a rally car on the other hand and you get a completely different kind of madman.

After just a year of rallying at the regional level Chris Duplessis entered the national rally scene in 2006, finishing sixth in 2WD at Rally America's Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally in a 1990 Volkswagen GTI he built and prepped himself. That was the last time Chris would finish off the podium in 2WD national competition (with the exception of four retirements). Two years later he won the 2008 2WD National Championship at age 21, a feat he repeated in 2010 and 2012. Nice guy that he is he took 2009 off and ran a half season in 2011 to avoid making things boring via Sebastien Loeb-esque domination.


Beyond his incredible Rally America results, which includes 13 wins and 8 second place finishes in 23 finishes (27 starts) and a blistering run in 2012 on the New England Forest Rally's "Concord Pond" stage (considered to be one of the best and most technical rally stages in North America) where he set the fourth fastest time out of the 45 cars in the rally in a 150 horsepower FWD Ford Fiesta, Chris has competed in the X Games, raced his Fiesta in the 2011 Mt Washington Hillclimb where he was the second fastest rally car (the fastest was an Open class Mitsubishi Evo X, finishing a mere four seconds ahead of Chris), and he is the only American to have competed in the World Rally Championship Academy, contesting one round in 2011 (Wales) and three in 2012 (Portugal, Acropolis, and Finland). At Acropolis he earned the "Spirit of the FIA WRC Academy" award.

When not traveling the world and driving absurdly fast Chris is at home in Bethlehem, New Hampshire with his wife Sarah and their new daughter Jeri. Chris is an instructor at the Team O'Neil Rally School, where he teaches students how to be almost as fast as he is.

Chris will be here as long as possible (probably until Jeri needs her diaper changed) answering any questions you have about rallying, why FWD instead of RWD, the cost of competing, Maine, moose, cars, parenting, house fires, shenanigans, and any other subject you can think of. The floor is yours!

Update: Chris had to leave to help his frend prepare for this weekend's Susqehannock Trail Performance Rally, but he'll be coming back later to answer any questions he missed. If you still have a question feel free to post it for him!


Lead Image Credit: Pete Kuncis/On A Limb Rally Photography
Second Image Credit: Shaun Volpe Photography

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