Holy Crap This High-Speed Two-Wheel Landing Actually Worked

Colin’s Crest is one of the most delightful parts of Rally Sweden. Every year, the organizers have a mini competition on the Vargåsen stage as to who jumps the farthest over one particular crazy fast jump. Hyundai driver Thierry Neuville didn’t win the Colin’s Crest Award, but his jump was insane for other reasons.


Rally Sweden Driver Showed Up Late On Purpose To Avoid Going First On Garbage Roads

Rally Sweden was a winter wonderland this year, but not for the drivers who went first. The first cars on a snowy stage inevitably act as snowplows for everyone behind them—and those later competitors then go faster on the clearer roads. One driver at Sweden had enough, so he arrived late to one stage, breaking the…

Please Let The World Rally Championship Race Come To Canada You Hosers

Canada isn’t just for chuggling maple syrup on a snowmobile while pretending to be the God of Snow. It also hosts incredible rallies, including some utterly brutal snow rallies. The only thing missing is the present-day World Rally Championship cars, and fortunately, the Rally Promoter Association of Canada announced…