This was my first year going to the Concours d’America, probably the best (stationary) car show outside of Pebble Beach. This year featured a number of incredible rally cars that I never imagined I would see in person.

Day 1: The Warmup

Stratos <3, all photos by author

The first event was Saturday at the Cars and Coffee. Jalopnik’s David Tracy and I went there to enter the Moab XJ in the Concours d’LeMons, and the C&C was in the adjacent parking lot.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by this gorgeous Lancia Stratos. I know they talked about it on Top Gear, but the small size is hard to believe until you see it in person.

The other stars of Saturday were these two:

A McRae Focus and a Burns Subaru. Two legends in one place! Let’s start with the Focus:

That wheel gap tho

I need that much suspension travel in my life.

So that’s what a rally car interior is supposed to look like

Now to the Subaru:

Quattro goodness! I was told these are replicas, but they look awesome.

This Escort RS2000 was beautiful. I want to be inside of it sideways.

Opel Manta looked like it’s been having fun.

This was that Volvo 142 that Raphael Orlove got to drive a while ago. Sexy!

The Team Illuminata Motorsports 911 was there as well:

The awesome Lancia Fulvia HF! V4 FWD and all kinds of cool:

Next to it, a lovely Escort RS1800:

This was just a teaser for tomorrow though.

Day 2: The Show

Sunday was the actual Concours. Honestly, I was not prepared for what I was about to see. As we’re walking through the rows of beautiful classics and expensive modern cars, I see this in the distance and freeze:

A Lancia 037! In real life!

And now the details:

Two shocks per wheel!

I got to sit in it!

On to the next Lancia, an S4:

Wheel turbines!

The last Group B car that was there was this beauty, the MG Metro 6R4:

Back to the glory of RWD with this lovely Fiat 131:

Last but definitely not least, there was an Alpina A110:

Bonus! They did a parade of the rally cars before the awards, and the driver of the 037 let me hop in the passenger seat!


Santiago Daniel Iglesias is an amateur rally driver competing in the
Central US region in an E36 BMW 328is. Follow Escuderia Boricua on
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