“The Magic Weekend” lives up to its nickname, with amazing racing all weekend in five different classes. The most exciting part was by far the supercar final, but we also saw a few surprises elsewhere. Time for a short summary!

A fantastic, amazing, stunning photo, by the way.

A record amount of spectators of 39 800 people saw 35 Supercar drivers battle it out in the Swedish forests, and celebrating Finnskoga Motorklubb’s 40th anniversary in the same time. Rallycross is huge in Sweden and Norway, and lots of fans from both countries went up to Höljes to cheer for their favourite. But it was the home fans that got the most to cheer for, as Timmy Hansen seemingly clinch his first win of the season. That was before the stewards got an opportunity to watch the replays though, and the pass in the last corner was on the wrong side of the rules. Mostly because of track limits, partly because of lots of pushing on Mattias Ekström.

So your winner is the same as last year: Mattias Ekström. He’s also the fifth different winner we’ve had this season. After a great tactical display with a first lap joker, he gained the lead after Timmy Hansen had taken his joker at the last lap. Before that, Hansen had fought off and passed a defensive Andreas Bakkerud (does that even exist??), who were also struggling with his car. Further behind Petter Solberg bent and broke a steering arm in a desperate attempt to pass Reinis Nitiss, and Topi Heikkinen was happy to just be in the final after a difficult weekend. That means top runners like Johan Kristoffersson, Davy Jeanney, PG Andersson, Liam Doran and Robin Larsson didn’t get to a final this time. Andersson, Doran and Larsson didn’t even get to the semifinals! Final standings below:


1. Mattias Ekström
2. Timmy Hansen
3. Andreas Bakkerud
4. Topi Heikkinen
5. Reinis Nitiss
6. Petter Solberg

Since Petter got to the final and finished as the top qualifier, he extended his lead in the championship. Behind him it’s a bit more even, and Bakkerud is just two points behind Kristoffersson. With his win, Mattias Ekström is still in the fight for an overall podium, though a win seems hard right now.. Championship standings below:


1. Petter Solberg, 159
2. Johan Kristoffersson, 115
3. Andreas Bakkerud, 113
4. Timmy Hansen, 104
5. Reinis Nitiss, 96
6. Davy Jeanney, 88
7. Mattias Ekström, 87
8. Topi Heikkinen, 75
9. PG Andersson, 51
10. Robin Larsson, 46

In our Fantasy Game I took a gamble with both Daniel Holten and the new Eklund Beetle, as well as with Tord Linnerud. Linnerud’s new engine didn’t work properly, and Holten was a bit unfortunate not to make it through. Hope we see him in Hell later this season, with more testing under his belt. G17 only had five scoring drivers, since he picked both Jeanney and Hansen. The driver that appears first is the one nominated for points, so he missed out on the points Hansen scored here. Winner this weekend was WorldRallyBlog with his sensible picks, with only Rustad scoring less than 10 points. That means he is now joint leader with GiuRX! All the details can be found here.

The World Rallycross Championship will be back 7-8 of August for the Canadian round, with both Patrick Carpentier and LP Dumoulin confirmed to enter in JRM Minis. Will we see any of the GRC-drivers, apart from the already confirmed Tanner Foust? We’ll see! I’ll do a writeup on my experiences from the weekend in Höljes, most likely posting this upcoming weekend. Be sure to check it out for blurry photos of Bakkerud and Timerzyanov (after a conversation), a late night track walk and how we survived the weekend!