FIA does something useful, creates the R-GT Rally Cup

I've been ranting about the Jean Todt and his way to lead the FIA for quite some time. Weak is the best word to describe his efforts in F1, where he doesn't really make an impact and is unable to solve their financial problems. He also doesn't seem to have an answer to the constantly falling fan numbers. And yes,… » 9/30/14 8:58am Yesterday 8:58am

The Art to Racing in Red Bull Global Rallycross

If you've been checking out our blog at all this year, you'll have an idea that we at Red Bull Global Rallycross are trying to change the game in motorsport. That means that our style of racing is completely different from almost anything you've seen before—with mixed surfaces, jumps, 600 HP Supercars, standing… » 9/27/14 11:25pm Saturday 11:25pm

The Margin Of Victory In This GRC Lites Race Was .04 Seconds

.04 seconds. That's all that separated Mitchell DeJong and Kevin Eriksson from one another at the end of this GRC Lites race from the Port of Los Angeles. Eriksson was poised for his second consecutive victory in two days before DeJong took his joker lap through the final three corners, nipping his Olsbergs MSE… » 9/27/14 11:25pm Saturday 11:25pm

Is this Mitsubishi's slow and undercover return to WRC?

WRX vs. Evo. The battle that is now been fought out in Internet forums, Facebook comments and Youtube videos once took place in the manliest motoring world championship, the WRC. Since 2008, both brands have abandoned the championship. While Subaru has hinted a LMP1 entry recently, Mitsubishi has been awfully quiet… » 9/22/14 5:49pm 9/22/14 5:49pm

Ask Red Bull Global Rallycross Star Rhys Millen Anything You Want

He's a stunt driving legend with experience in more commercials and movies than you can count. He's a former Formula Drift champion and Pikes Peak International Hill Climb world record holder. And now, he's Red Bull Global Rallycross' most recent first-time winner, having taken the checkered flag at Daytona… » 9/19/14 2:15am 9/19/14 2:15am

Get Amped For Red Bull Global Rallycross Los Angeles With These Videos

If you like videos of 600-horsepower rallycross Supercars (and we bet you do), behind-the-scenes shop tours (likewise), and/or an inside look at the biggest names in Red Bull Global Rallycross (why wouldn't you?), you're going to love this post a whole lot. » 9/18/14 12:14am 9/18/14 12:14am