One of the longest held 0-60 records of all time

Think back and remember all the greatest supercars; the McLaren F1, the original Koeniggsegg, Ferrari F40 and F50, the Saleen S7 and so on. Now think of how quickly they can reach 60mph; blistering fast, most in the low 3-4 second range. Of all these cars and of all the supercars that you could get, which do you… » 7/15/14 3:32pm 7/15/14 3:32pm

Hey, We're Red Bull Global Rallycross

Greetings, Kinja-sphere! We're Red Bull Global Rallycross. For those of you who are aware of us already, yes, this is our official blog within the Kinja network. We're incredibly grateful to Gawker Media, and especially our friends at Jalopnik, for helping us get set up here. » 7/14/14 3:19pm 7/14/14 3:19pm

Burning Brakes In A Van Down The Highest Mountain In The Northeast

Every car that drives up and down the road to the top of Mount Washington gets a bumper sticker celebrating the car's achievement. I didn't really understand what that meant until I found myself smelling roasting brakes in a church van loaded with a couple hundred pounds of fuel onboard. » 7/11/14 7:45pm 7/11/14 7:45pm

How To Turn A Porsche 911 Into A Rally Car

What does it take to make a Porsche 911SC into a rally car, capable of running the East African Safari rally? Not much, apparently. All it took was some rear-suspension upgrades, extra body protection, additional front lights and a Martini livery. » 7/09/14 3:02pm 7/09/14 3:02pm

Launch Control: 24h Nürburgring and RedBull GRC

In the shadow of our nation's capital, Sverre Isachsen and Bucky Lasek of the Subaru Rallycross Team, fight for ever corner in the grueling Redbull Rallycross Series. Meanwhile, in Germany, Subaru Technica International is looking to take a class win with the new 2015 Subaru STI (you have to admit, it looks pretty… » 7/09/14 1:48pm 7/09/14 1:48pm

WorldRX Höljes Review / Mettet Preview

The World Rallycross Championship continued this last weekend with the festival event of the year in Höljes, and while this series has been entertaining to watch so far, Höljes has to be the highlight. 35000 spectators, sunshine and a record entry set a perfect stage for a party I'll never forget! » 7/08/14 4:00pm 7/08/14 4:00pm

I Rode Shotgun in a Rally Race By Strapping a Phone To My Face

Google Cardboard and its ilk are proving that virtual reality isn't just the realm of the Oculus Rift; you can do wonders with not much more than a phone and a couple of lenses. I saw some proof of that this morning, when I rode shotgun in a motorsports rally by strapping a phone to my face. » 7/03/14 3:54pm 7/03/14 3:54pm

WorldRX Kouvola Review / Höljes Preview

We're in the middle of the most important and intense part of the World Rallycross Championship, with the Scandinavian rounds in Hell, Kouvola and Höljes and then in Mettet in Belgium. Four events in five weekends. Since I'm a bit busy preparing for Höljes, this will be a slightly condensed version with both a review… » 7/02/14 3:00pm 7/02/14 3:00pm