Watch The Little Fiesta That Couldn't Just Give Up And Self-Immolate

Poor Elfyn Evans didn’t have the best time at Rally de Portugal. First, his M-Sport Ford Fiesta RS WRC experienced throttle problems which plagued him all throughout Day 1. Then his car just gave up the ghost on SS8, and guess what? That ghost was a fire spirit. » 5/28/15 8:59pm Yesterday 8:59pm

Why Does The Alitalia Lancia Stratos Wear The Perfect Race Car Livery?

Every motorsport fan has a favorite driver, a favorite team and a favorite car, but how many can mention a favorite racing car livery, so easily? Fortunately, I can think of many—and that’s why, in my regular series, we’ll be bringing you a collection of outstanding examples of motor racing liveries, both well-known… » 5/26/15 5:53pm Tuesday 5:53pm

Rally Portugal Safety Car Catches Fire On Stage, Left To Burn

The 00 car at a rally has an important function: run the course before the competitors to inspect everything from signage and bannering to whether or not spectators are in the right locations. That is, unless it’s on fire. Then it doesn’t do a very good job of checking anything. » 5/26/15 4:25pm Tuesday 4:25pm

Fantasy WorldRX Preview: R4 Lydden Hill

This weekend is one of the better weekends for racing and rallying. We have no less than four iconic events coming up with Rally Portugal, Monaco GP, Indy 500 and Rallycross at Lydden Hill. I’m mostly looking forward to the rallycross, where we see 30 Supercars on the entry list for what is the fourth round this… » 5/20/15 1:00pm 5/20/15 1:00pm

Launch Control Season 3 Starts... NOW!

Following two challenging years of development, Subaru Rally Team USA puts everything they learned into new cars based on the 2015 Subaru WRX STI platform. Can the new sedan continue the winning streak for Higgins and Drew in the Rally America series? Will it bring more outright wins in Global Rallycross? It’s time to… » 5/20/15 11:26am 5/20/15 11:26am

Fantasy WRC Preview: Portugal

Rally Portugal is just around the bend, and it returns to the legendary stages further north in Portugal. This version of the rally hasn’t been run since 2001, so it’s completely new to all the drivers! This fifth round in the WRC can really turn things around. » 5/18/15 1:00pm 5/18/15 1:00pm

Part 3: You know the Oregon Trail was an educational game, right?

For the third and final part of my Oregon Trail story, I decided to write an ending that’s almost completely educational and non-rally related. The Oregon Trail game, after all, was meant to be an educational tool, so I will painstakingly boringly be educational as well. If you’re a geek like me and enjoy science,… » 5/11/15 1:37pm 5/11/15 1:37pm

Polish Rally Drivers Don't Need No Stinking Steering Wheel

If your steering wheel fell of while you were driving, you’d probably pull over to the side of the road and wait for a truck to come and tow you to the nearest shop. But you are not a Polish rally driver. If you were, you wouldn’t give a crap if your steering wheel fell off. You’d keep going. » 5/11/15 1:06pm 5/11/15 1:06pm

Part 1: Setting Off on the Oregon Trail

First off, apologies for possibly THE most distasteful Oregon Trail Rally/Oregon Trail Video Game joke/analogy ever conceived. With every tragedy comes opportunity - like making a drawing I could never have gotten away with otherwise.
» 5/10/15 3:20pm 5/10/15 3:20pm

The First SCCA RallySprint Is A Success

The SCCA returned to rally style events yesterday, with the first RallySprint event taking place at Team O’Neil Rally School in Dalton, NH. A total of 26 competitors drove two different configurations of the school’s extensive network of gravel roads and training areas. This was the first SCCA event of its kind since… » 5/10/15 11:29am 5/10/15 11:29am