Watch WRC-Driver Andreas Mikkelsen Race An Alpinist Down To A Fjord

Factory VW-driver Andreas Mikkelsen and Alpine Skiing Olympic Champion Aksel Lund Svindal has a lot in common. Mikkelsen were once a talented skier himself, and Svindal is trying out racing this year. Both compete at high speed. They’re also sponsored by Redbull, so a video with both just had to be made! » 7/28/15 5:26pm Yesterday 5:26pm

Fantasy WRC Preview: Grand Prix on Gravel

Here it is, the rally everyone waits all year for, the rally every fan wishes they were at and every grassroots racer wishes they were competing in. This is where banging off the rev limiter at 130 mph is routine and cars spend almost as much time in the air as they do on the ground. The flow, the flight, the fans,… » 7/27/15 1:00pm Monday 1:00pm

RallySprint Returns To New England

After a highly successful first event, the New England Region SCCA has announced a second RallySprint to take place on Saturday, September 12. Once again the event will be held at Team O’Neil Rally School in Dalton, NH. The RallySprint will consist of the same two stages as last time with some minor modifications,… » 7/23/15 12:32pm Thursday 12:32pm

Watch This Honda CBR900-Engined Fiat 126P Jump And Bounce

I’ve always liked the humble little Fiat 126, in either original Italian, Polski Fiat 126p, or Cool Ranch flavors. What I really, really like about is how delightfully bonkers it can get with something as minor as an engine swap with a Honda CBR900RR motorcycle, which would give the little Fiat, oh, about 6x original… » 7/15/15 5:48pm 7/15/15 5:48pm

More Power, Bigger Wings, Bigger Turbos: WRC In 2017 Is Going To Rule

Along with yesterday’s Formula One tweaks, the World Motor Sport Council also approved new technical and homologation requirements for the 2017-2019 World Rally Championship Cars. What’s coming in 2017? More power, more insane bodywork, and bigger turbos. The future looks awesome. » 7/11/15 8:36pm 7/11/15 8:36pm

Tons Of Classic Rally Cars? Tons Of Classic Rally Cars!

It’s a fact only known by a few million people that if had too much of all the classic and brand new tarmac fighters at the Goodwood Festival of Speed’s Hillclimb Course, you can jump on a tractor to check out some of the coolest rally cars racing further up the hill. Here are most of those. » 7/10/15 6:00pm 7/10/15 6:00pm

Five Ways To Making Watching Global Rallycross Way More Fun

Yesterday, I went out to the Marine Corps Air Station New River, where the most recent Red Bull Global Rallycross race was held. Aside from there being a lot more helicopters and tilt-rotor aircraft around, it was set up like most rallycross races, which is to say, not great for spectators. Luckily for Red Bull, I… » 7/06/15 6:58pm 7/06/15 6:58pm

Rallye Baie-Des-Chaleurs 2015 Highlights and Photos

Last weekend in my hometown (New-Richmond, QC) was held the second round of the Canadian Rally Championship. The Rallye Baie-Des-Chaleurs is a legendary rally, one of the toughest and one of the fastest in North America. Our team finished 3rd overall in the regional class, and it was the first rally for the team (blue… » 7/05/15 9:38pm 7/05/15 9:38pm

"Unbelievable!" Wild Rallycross Finish Leaves Announcer Screaming…

Timmy Hansen overtook Mattias Ekström on the final corner to claim the checkered flag at today’s WorldRX of Sweden championship, and the finish was almost too much for the FIA announcing team to handle. “You have to excuse my screaming! He’s done it! Epic!” » 7/05/15 12:18pm 7/05/15 12:18pm